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About Aztec

Founded by educators, not technologists, since 1980, Aztec Software has been in the business of improving adult and young adult lives through computerized skills remediation from its inception. With an industry-leading understanding of the way in which its student population learns using a computer, the company has expanded its product set beyond academic material and into all aspects of the transitioning worker’s retraining and survival.

Used throughout the country in Community Colleges, Correctional Facilities, One-Stop Centers, Job Corps Centers, Middle Schools and High Schools, the Aztec Learning System has become an integral part of today’s complete educational curriculum.  Designed in a modular format, the system is deliverable on standalone PCs, local and wide area networks or through the Internet.

The software prepares students for higher levels of education, improves job performance, provides alternative means of education for adults and non-traditional students, and ultimately helps people realize their potential and meet their educational goals. The Aztec Learning System uses LIFE SKILLS scenarios to generate an individual Education Plan designed to focus on each student’s needs.

The Complete Learning Series teaches basic education using work and life examples, giving the students excellent tools to use for future employment.  The multisensory approach of audio, graphics, and interactive screen design reinforces and enhances learning.  The courseware design enhances academics, prepares individuals for reentry, and provides work readiness skills. Meaningful application while using the computer as an interactive mode of learning makes the learning more interesting and memorable.

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In today’s competitive global economy, the pace at which education is being delivered to students, young and old, is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Consequently, the demands that are placed on our educators are requiring them to teach to more rigid standards. As the classes move faster and cover more ground, struggling students often find themselves further behind.


Striving to provide the highest quality educational solutions that are designed with the student in mind is only one part of the Aztec Mantra. The Aztec Learning System allows every student the opportunity to feel empowered by his or her education. Aztec Software is committed to ensuring that NO student is left behind.




At Aztec Software, we go to great lengths to make our employees’ experiences fulfilling and rewarding. No new idea is too small, and the only limitations put on our staff are self-imposed.

We seek highly motivated and talented individuals! See our open positions.

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Management Team

Aztec Software is led by a diverse management team with a broad base of business, technology, and education experience.The management team provides strategic and operational direction and day to day management to the company.

Meet the team, and feel free to reach out to us anytime…We look forward to hearing from you.

Jonathan Blitt - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Blitt has over 24 years of experience in the application of high technology in industries ranging from educational software, telecommunications and network infrastructure, with specific emphasis on the application of multimedia technology to educational remediation.  Having provided a keynote speech at the United Nations IT Conference to educational and technology trade shows, Mr. Blitt is considered one of the foremost experts on the uses of text messaging in the academic environment.

Michael Kheyfets - Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Kheyfets has over 18 years experience in High Technology. Throughout his career at Aztec Software, Michael has helped pioneer much of the company’s innovation and growth, with a focus on student success and outcomes. Michael joined Aztec in 2003 and has held many roles in the company, giving him a clear understanding of the day to day operations. Michael has spoken at conferences both domestically and internationally on various topics including technology and education. Michael sits on the board of various non profits including his local Board of Education.


Philip Thompson - Chief Technical Officer

Phil has been delivering disruptive innovative products to markets for 25 years. He finds novel ways to integrate technology to solve unmet customer needs,  building reliable, scaleable, high performance solutions. At Bell Laboratories and three startups he led development of communications, messaging, VoIP, Video over IP, Content Management Systems, SAAS, and mobile products. All of these experiences are coming together today at Aztec Software creating a unique adaptive learning system for learning everywhere. 

Jennifer Coplin, Ed.D. – Chief Academic Officer

In addition to degrees in Business Administration, Vocational Education, and Adult and Community College Education, Dr. Jennifer Coplin combines experience in teaching, curriculum development, and higher education administration to lead Aztec Software’s academic development. Ten years of sales and training with Aztec have also given Jennifer valuable insight into the needs of clients. Her team of subject matter experts, writers, editors, and graphic artists are steadily creating new materials for the current learning environment. 

Ryan Yuran - Director of Customer Experience

Mr. Yuran has over fourteen years of experience of direct customer relations, with the last seven years committed to assisting the Aztec clients’ with their educational goals. Coupled with his many years of successful management, specifically with his own real estate firm and residential pool construction company, Mr. Yuran’s proven methods for meeting and delivering the educational goals set by our clients, continues to highlight his passion and commitment for quality service.

Adriane Fajnor - Sales & Marketing Manager

With over 20 years of customer support, sales and training expertise, Adriane Fajnor serves as the Marketing Communication and Sales Manager for Aztec Software, a leader in implementing cutting-edge technology to serve at-risk learners.  By understanding how adult learners interface with education and technology, Ms. Fajnor is responsible for directing the marketing and sales activities, in sharing best practices for implementation with Aztec’s learning suite as well as presenting these proven solutions at various conferences around the country.

Sal Scotto Di Luzio - Chief Architect

Sal has been designing and building distributed and virtual solutions for more than 13 years. His speciality has been in the realm of cloud and mobile computing. He has worked in fortune 100 companies to startup companies with products spanning massivly distributed products to the embedded and mobile space. He has lead small engineering teams and large architectural development projects. He has consulted clients such as NASA on virtualization solutions. He prides himself on being through and complete in all aspectsof engineering from software to test plans and documentation. Sal describes himself as a consummate professional engineer, covering all aspects of the word.


Why Choose Aztec

  • Our educational software solutions prepare students for their post-secondary experience.
  • Offers an easy-to-use, modular learning style.
  • Incorporates real-life situations into interactive learning that teaches academics and job skills.
  • Provides diagnostic and prescriptive approach with unique, individualized student leaning plans.
  • Correlates to GED®, CASAS, TABE, WorkKeys®, ASVABm Accuplacer, COMPASS, and many others.