Your test takers deserve the best chance to succeed, and preparing them for The HiSET® Exam is just a click away. With over 35 years of experience working with adult learners, Aztec Software in partnership with ETS has created the most comprehensive, and effective digital test preparation materials ever offered.

The HiSET® Program Advantages

The official HiSET® Practice Exam

Exclusive Digital Provider:
HiSET® Official Practice Exams

Aztec Software's Fully Aligned Remediation Materials are Available Now!

Aztec Software’s HiSET® Preparation Materials Include Assessments for:
Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Computer Literacy.

The HiSET® Program is Designed to Meet Your Needs:

After consulting with states, educators, policymakers and employers, ETS created the HiSET® program to include the features you've told them are critical:

  • Paper and computer test delivery to serve the greatest number of test takers
  • Affordable test fees to keep this valuable credential accessible for test takers, states and educational programs
  • Flexibility with the use of existing test centers, test prep and curricula
  • English and Spanish versions of the exam
  • Test design and validation by experts in assessment development for realiable results

Fully Common Core Aligned and Comprehensive Assessments:

Aztec Software offers fully common core aligned skills assessments in its HiSET® Preparation Series, allowing students to really drill down and learn the concepts that they are struggling with.

The result is an Individual Education Plan (IEP) unique to each student with a detailed break down of Common Core Skill deficiencies as they relate to the HiSET® exam.

FREE Cloud-Based Practice Tests

Test takers can experience what it is like to take the HiSET® exam with these free, 30-45-minute practice tests. In an effort to make preparation for the test as mobile as the students that take it, Aztec and ETS are offering free cloud-based practice test for each subject area allowing students to test their readiness on a computer, or even on a mobile device.

ALL TESTS and LEARNING MATERIALS are compatible with current, modern browsers and devices... including mobile!

The Aztec Preparation tests mirrors the HiSET® test experience.

  • Items Types
  • Test functionality and user experience


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Preparation Series Features:

Solutions available for under $5,000!

No need for student activation or deactivation of accounts. Annual concurrent license model with UNLIMITED enrollment.

  • 100 Percent alignment to HiSET®’s content standards
  • 60 NEW curriculum titles that cover test-specific subject areas
  • Over 4000 randomized questions for assessments and practice
  • Diagnostic and prescriptive approach with individual learning plans
  • Specific skills deficiencies identification
  • Targeted, self-paced instruction
  • Computer Literacy practice and remediation to ensure readiness and confidence with a computer-based test
  • Create and deliver system-wide announcements
  • Essay creation and submission process with grading rubric (constructed responses)
  • Immediate feedback and interaction
  • Unlimited practice and assessments
  • Simplified administrative reporting

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Exclusive Provider of Computer-based Practice Tests.

Beyond merely a familiarity with the HiSET® Exam, the Official HiSET® Practice Tests provide students and administrators with valuable information regarding a student's skills deficiencies allowing for more targeted academic remediation plans. These tests can be purchased for $5 per subject area, or $20 for the full suite of 5.
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