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Introducing our Social & Emotional Online Learning Series

Our hearts continue to go out to the individuals, schools, businesses and organizations that have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Many are now faced with emotional and financial pressures that may cause a strain on work and family. At Life Skills Education, an Aztec Software brand, we remain committed to our mission of education, including promoting the health and safety of the adult education community. This also includes providing tools to help cope with the ongoing challenges facing the people we serve. To help meet the ever-changing needs of your learners and staff, we have added a Social & Emotional component to our online learning platform. As educators, we know that addressing social and emotional concerns can improve the behavioral health of not only those in our learning community, but their families as well.

Our goal is to provide our best-in-class academic and workforce solutions to educators and organizations who are working tirelessly to continue educating the adult workforce, without interruption.

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Includes the following titles:
• Preparing for Emergencies: What to Do, When to Do It

This module provides an overview of the emergencies that may occur in any community, including what individuals can do to protect themselves and their families. It details the practical steps that can be taken now and shows how to make a plan that will put those steps into action when needed.

• Coping with Family Stress

Conflict in families is inevitable, but some of its more dire results are not. This module teaches win-win conflict resolution as a way of avoiding fighting, violence, estrangement, and family tension. It also provides examples of positive conflict resolution.

• Positively! Making Optimism Work For You

Optimism offers many benefits, including better health. This module outlines how to build a positive outlook and use it in daily life. It also offers a self-assessment quiz, as well as techniques for more effective attitudes and actions.

• Talking with Children

“You’re not listening!” Kids are better listeners when they’re helped to be better talkers. This module provides practical advice that demonstrates how parents who listen to children have children who listen to their parents.

• Depression

The “common cold” of mental health affects most everyone at some point in life. This module shows how to tell the difference between mild and severe depression. It offers practical suggestions on overcoming “the blues” that occasionally get people down.

• Making Ends Meet: The Basics of Family Budgeting

Entry-level employees often have trouble stretching income to cover their needs and some of their wants. This module helps readers to make and follow a practical money management plan.

• Attitude: Make It Good!

The right attitude is essential for workplace success, affecting not only the individual, but everyone else in the workplace. This module explores the elements that contribute to a good attitude, and offers practical tips for self-assessment and self-improvement.

• What Now? Steps After Layoff

Whether a layoff took them completely by surprise, or was one they “saw coming”, there’s a lot of work that needs to get done. This module helps them clarify their thinking so that they can get about the business of finding their next job.

• Making Do: Life on a Shoestring

For the person facing hard times, the ability to change and adjust to a new reality is crucial. This module discusses a mindset that favors successful coping and provides tips on managing everything from food to debt when money is scarce.

• Worrying: How Not to Be a Worrywort

Some people worry well, and others are worried sick. This module explains why and how we worry, what happens when worrying gets out of control. Practical advice is offered on managing worry and where to turn when anxiety gets the upper hand.

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