ACT® Prep Series

Aztec's ACT Prep Series will ensure students are ready and well prepared for this assessment. Aztec's ACT Prep Series will diagnose specifically where the problems exist, allowing students to concentrate time in those academic areas of greatest need. Beyond its focused approach, this series is available online and fully accessible on any platform, allowing for truly anywhere, anytime education.

Aztec’s ACT Prep Series is adaptive, easy to use, and fully aligned to the ACT Test. Make sure students have absolutely every advantage when applying to college by enrolling and using Aztec’s ACT Prep Series.

Features include:

  • 50 lessons aligned to the ACT content domains.
  • Practice tests determine student readiness for the ACT.
  • Adaptive approach generates individual learning plans.
  • Identifies specific skills deficiencies.
  • Targeted, self-paced instruction.
  • Web-based is available anytime/anywhere – no third party software required.
  • Essay creation and submission process with grading rubric (constructed responses).
  • Immediate feedback and interaction.
  • Unlimited practice and built-in formative assessments.
  • Comprehensive reports available.
  • When learning objectives shift or assessment content is augmented or changed, Aztec Software updates are provided automatically.


Please allow 48 hours for account to be set up


Aligned Practice Activities

Individual pacing in lessons and practice accommodates all learners.

Mirrors the Test Experience

Immediate feedback with expanded responses in lessons and practice enhances learning.

Aligned to All Subject Areas

Tests and learning include all subjects; Math, English, Reading, and Science, as well as the optional Essay.

ACT® Test Preparation Sample Screens

ACT® Prep Series Practice Test

We are the Test Prep Experts.

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Admin & Management

The reporting functionality of Aztec’s management system allows for data collection of student progress and evidence of student growth. This allows teachers and administrators to track and monitor student learning in each academic area and individual sub-skill in addition to providing remediation plans to guide instruction and therefore accountability to the CCRS.