Employability Skills Series

Employers are demanding SOFT SKILLS! Are your students prepared? In a recent survey of employers, 73.7% rated soft skills as the greatest employee training need.

Aztec's Employability Skills Series prepares learners for the world of work. From preparing a resume to interview skills to the soft skills needed to maintain a job, the Employability Skills Series provides all the information needed to find, obtain, and keep a job!

Features include:

    The Employability Skills Series provides a solid foundation of academics in addition to the explicit 21st century skills essential to compete in today’s workforce.
  • Interactive modules
  • Progressive lesson content
  • Contextualized lessons
  • Real-life scenarios
  • Easy to use
  • Alignment to the Employability Skills Framework

Lessons Include:

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Admin & Management

The reporting functionality of Aztec’s management system allows for data collection of student progress and evidence of student growth. This allows teachers and administrators to track and monitor student learning in each academic area and individual sub-skill in addition to providing remediation plans to guide instruction and therefore accountability to the CCRS.