GED® Prep Series

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Students who master Aztec’s GED Prep Series content can be confident they will pass the GED® Tests, obtain their HSE diplomas, and further post-secondary education enrollment or enhanced career goals. Our GED Prep Series yields superior GED® pass rates!

Aztec’s GED Prep Series utilizes ongoing test data to generate and continuously adapt highly sensitive individual learning plans. Students work autonomously and benefit from a comprehensive and well-articulated curriculum designed to heighten their motivation to learn. Teachers can utilize student learning plans to augment instruction and remediate individual skill gaps.

Features include:

  • 65+ NEW lessons that cover GED subject areas.
  • A bank of 4000+ test items for unlimited assessments and practice drills.
  • Available 24/7 on any device (computers, tablets, laptops, smart phones and Chromebooks).
  • Well-articulated curriculum supports targeted, self-paced instruction.
  • Computer literacy course and test-taking strategies lessons.
  • Real-time reports with explanations of correct answers.
  • Students’ have mouse-click access to historical test data and activities.
  • Teacher control to alter lesson sequence or waive lessons in the learning plan.
  • Digital essay/constructed-response creation and submission with score rubrics.
  • Administrators may create and post system-wide announcements.
  • Simplified administrative reporting for in-class and distance learning.


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The GED® Test Preparation Advantages

Cloud-Based Practice Tests

To make preparation for the GED® as mobile as the students that take it, Aztec offers free cloud-based GED practice tests allowing students to test their readiness on a computer or on-the-go using a mobile device.

mirrors the GED test experience

Extended Response




Hot Spot

Multiple Choice

Short Answer


Aztec’s GED Prep Series content is continuously updated with each GED® revision. The lessons are problem-centered and include question sets that elicit higher-order thinking, allowing students to absorb, rather than memorize content. Much more than a basic skills curriculum!

GED® Test Preparation Sample Screens

GED Ready™: The Official Practice Test

GED Ready™ has a similar look and feel as the actual GED® test, in half the length. Students who try GED Ready™ will come away with valuable experience answering computer-based test questions written and developed by GED® Testing Services.

Make sure your students don’t need to wait. The GED Ready™ Test is already aligned and correlated to Aztec’s GED® Preparation Series, allowing your student to receive specific instructions on what material to study in Aztec based on their GED Ready™ Test results.

We are the Test Prep Experts.

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Admin & Management

The reporting functionality of Aztec’s management system allows for data collection of student progress and evidence of student growth. This allows teachers and administrators to track and monitor student learning in each academic area and individual sub-skill in addition to providing remediation plans to guide instruction and therefore accountability to the CCRS.