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The GED Flash program allows students to quickly review concepts in Reading Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students receive 10 questions on each attempt, and receive immediate feedback on their responses. This is a great study aid when preparing for the GED Tests, and a quick refresher of concepts often needed prior to taking the assessment.

Features include:

  • Developed in partnership with GED Testing Service.
  • Mimics GED Test questions in style, structure, and layout.
  • Provides valuable data to teachers for instruction and remediation.
  • Tracks students time-on-task data.
  • More than 6,000 practice items across four academic subject areas.
  • Randomized questions allow for repeated practice.
  • Instant feedback with answer explanations.

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GED® Flash Advantages

Reading Language Arts

Text Features & Techniques
Using Evidence for Arguments
English Language Usage


Basic Math
Basic Algebra
Graphs & Functions


Analyzing Scientific Information
Applying Scientific Information
Reasoning Scientific Information


Social Studies

Analyzing Social Studies Context
Applying Social Studies Context
Reasoning Social Studies Context

GED® Flash Sample Screens