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Steck-Vaughn’s 2nd Edition GED® Preparation Series

Steck-Vaughn’s 2nd Edition GED® Preparation Series from Paxen Publishing is fully aligned to the academic content, assessment targets, and skills assessed on the GED® Test. This series provides learners with a balanced mix of instruction and practice to successfully pass the GED® Test while also building valuable critical thinking skills for college, career, and the workplace.


For students that need additional review and practice, the companion GED® Series Workbooks provide additional practice for each of the four subject areas covered on the GED® Test. Each workbook provides multiple guided-practice items, callouts, and testing tips to aid in the development of core reading and thinking skills.


The series also offers an Instructor Edition, which provides support for each lesson with targeted suggestions for decoding, skill review, connections to past skills and to other disciplines, and using graphic organizers.


High Impact Lessons

Focus on the High Impact Indicators as identified by GED® Testing Service to be the foundational skills critical to student success

At Work

Provides real-world context and application to the skills covered

Spotlighted Items

Provides practice with technology-enhanced item types on the GED® Tests.

Aztec EPUB

ePUB delivered on the Aztec PLUS system.

Delivery methods INCLUDE:


Comprehensive instruction through Student Editions and Student Workbooks.

IndividuaL ePUB

ePUB designed for individual named users.

Organization ePUB

Online, electronic books designed for delivery via institutional LMS platforms.

Aztec ePUB

ePUB delivered within the Aztec learning system.

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  • Two-page micro-lessons provide focused and efficient instruction. Concise lessons allow students time to synthesize information and master content.
  • Lessons follow a standard Learn–Practice–Apply instructional sequence where content builds across lessons to support the introduction of more complex topics.
  • Units are comprised of a series of lessons, culminating with a comprehensive review that serves as a posttest.
  • Callouts, learning strategies, test-taking tips, and guided practice items aid learners in the development of close reading and strategic thinking skills.