Administration & Management

The reporting functionality of Aztec’s administration and management system allows for data collection of student progress and evidence of student growth which are measured through these formative assessments, allowing both teachers and administrators to track and monitor student learning. Aztec provides minute-by-minute tracking of progress in each academic area and individual sub-skills on multiple levels in addition to providing remediation plans that guide instruction and therefore accountability to the CCR framework.


  • Manage and Track Goals and Learning Plans: Teachers can assign and view student goals, see progress and performance, view assignments in all lesson plans, and modify lesson plans as necessary. When viewing the learning plans, teachers can see whether an assignment is not started, in progress, assigned for review, or completed.
  • Track Assignments and Assessments: Teachers can see immediate results from student learning activities and assessments and drill down to specific student answers and areas that require remediation.
  • Send and Receive Notifications: Teachers can communicate directly with students and provide live, ongoing support, tutorial services, and remediation.
  • Manage Students and Classes: Teachers can easily create custom classes, add and deactivate students, manage student accounts, organize students into custom class groupings, and provide administrators up-to-date information about class activities.
  • Track Time on Task: Time on task is easy to see for a single student or a full class, is viewable by date range, and sortable by self-identified criteria.
  • View Student Learning Content: Teachers can “masquerade” as students to see exactly where a student is within a lesson, and offer guidance in real-time.
  • Masquerade: View student activity in the actual student account.
  • Reporting: Run reports on all aspects of student engagement with the online program.
  • Tags: Track student progress by any criteria or grouping.
  • Saved Reports: Set reports to run automatically.