Foundations Series
• Reading: 204 – 227
• Math: 194 – 214
TABE 11/12:
• Reading: 442 – 535
• Total Math: 449 – 536
• Language: 458 – 546

ALL Academic Successes builds on the FOUNDATIONS of knowledge. The learning of Reading, Mathematics and Language Arts require a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary teaching methodology.

The Aztec Foundations Series is the perfect place to continue instruction and build upon basic skills. Focusing at Grade Level Equivalency 2.0 - 5.9, but written for adults, the Foundations Series sets the groundwork in all three of the major academic areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. With a scaffolded approach, each concept utilizes and enhances the concepts mastered before it.

The Foundations Series provides a diagnostic, learning, and practice program that assesses and prescribes customized individual programs to assist learners in the remediation of their basic skills. By using mature life and work situations with age-appropriate graphics to present the lessons, the learner is engaged, challenged, and absorbed by the learning to successful completion.


Features include the following:

  • Strategic sequencing of instruction accelerates the acquisition and retention of academic skills.
  • Students are provided with personalized learning plans that maximize instruction time and Measurable Skill Gains.
  • Students can progress through the entire spectrum of Educational Functioning Levels (EFLs), while all on the same learning platform.
  • Learning experiences utilize multiple modalities including audio/visual elements that provide for a deeper degree of interest and immersion in the learning experience.
  • Courses allow teachers to create individualized learning plans through the creation of custom classes to meet the specific needs of each learner.
  • Ongoing formative assessments assure mastery and instill confidence as students progress through each unit.

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Topics include the following:


Number Skills
Adding and Subtracting
Multiplying and Dividing
Fractions and Decimals
Problem Solving
Personal Financial Skills


Vocabulary Skills
Reading Comprehension
Maps & Illustrations
Graphic Information


Writing Process
Sentence Structure
Writing Applications

Our Foundations Series Test Preparation Sample Screens