Fundamentals Series
• Reading: 203 and Below
• Math: 193 and Below
TABE 11/12:
• Reading: 300 – 441
• Total Math: 300 – 448
• Language: 300 – 457

ALL Academic Successes MUST begin with the FUNDAMENTALS. The symbiotic relationships between Reading, Mathematics and Language Arts require a comprehensive approach to education inclusive of a multi-disciplinary teaching methodology.

The Aztec Fundamentals Series is the perfect place to begin, whether your student is new to English, or life intervened in their education. Beginning at reading levels as low as 1st grade, but written for adults, the Fundamentals Series sets the groundwork in all three of the major academic areas of Reading, Mathematics and Language Arts. With a scaffolded approach, each concept utilizes and enhances the concepts mastered before it.

The Fundamentals Series provides a diagnostic, learning, and practice program that assesses and prescribes customized individual programs to assist learners in the remediation of basic skills. By using mature life and work situations with age-appropriate graphics to present the lessons, the learner is engaged, challenged, and absorbed by the learning.

Features include:

  • Strategic sequencing of instruction accelerates the acquisition and retention of academic skills.
  • Students are provided with personalized learning plans that maximize instruction time and Measurable Skill Gains.
  • Students can progress through the entire spectrum of Educational Functioning Levels (EFLs), while all on the same learning platform.
  • Learning experiences utilize multiple modalities including audio/visual elements that provide for a deeper degree of interest and immersion in the learning experience.
  • Courses allow teachers to create individualized learning plans through the creation of custom classes to meet the specific needs of each learner.
  • Ongoing formative assessments assure mastery and instill confidence as students progress through each unit.

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Topics include the following:


Number Skills
Place Value
Mathematical Properties
Problem Solving
Data Analysis


Letters and Sounds
Short and Long Vowels
Consonant Blends
Words and Word Families


Sight & Root Words
Prefixes & Suffixes
Compound Words
Capitalization & Punctuation
Grammar & Usage
Parts of Speech
Prepositions & Conjunctions
Reading in the Content Areas
Basic Writing Skills
The Writing Process

Fundamentals Series Test Preparation Sample Screens