Life Skills Education

Helping people get hired and stay hired, improve their lives, and strengthen both their families and communities has been LSE’s mission for over 35 years. From four original booklets designed to help at-risk youth find jobs, we now offer over 200 titles that help youth, young adults, and adults navigate life’s challenges and become life-long learners. Whether it’s coping with an searching for a job, creating a budget, assisting with reentry, adjusting to life after the military, parenting a teen through a difficult time, LSE publishes booklets that can help.

The challenge many support and service organizations face today is effectively meeting the varied needs of an increasingly diverse population. Here’s where we can help. Our booklets, ePub materials and eLearning modules have a well-earned reputation for providing concise, effective, and inexpensive information for developing the life skills so critical to a successful outcome.

Features include:

Life Skills Education materials are designed to be versatile resources that work in multiple places. There are three main ways service providers use them:

  • Create Lesson Plans or Customized Curricula: Instructors can pick their choice of single topic booklets from a wide range of titles, saving hours of development time.
  • Self-directed Education: Program managers put them on display racks in public areas or resource rooms, as a cost-effective way to help clients when staff is not available.
  • Counseling Handouts: Case managers use them as an affordable handout that clients can take home to reinforce key points.