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A Series of Computer-based, Instructional Programs Designed Specifically for Adult Learners

Aztec Software’s Adult Basic Education Continuum of Learning is a series of computer-based, instructional programs that provide diagnostic and personalized learning experiences, with a focus on core academic subject areas for adult learners. With a focus on core academic subject areas, as well as skills for ABE and HSE test preparation, Aztec Software’s Continuum of Learning provides instructors and students with the tools they need to diagnose, remediate, instruct and learn while utilizing ongoing formative assessments to guide the learning and instructional process.

Aztec products and services covers many major academic areas to include Reading, Writing, Mathematics and others. From Fundamentals, Foundations and Bridge throughout High School Equivalency, College Ready, Life Skills and Career & Technical Education.


Programs offered as part of the Aztec Software learning system include:

  • Assessment of each student’s skills at each of the Educational Functioning Levels.
  • Many courses available in English & Spanish.
  • Individualized learning plans to meet the needs of each student with continuous feedback and guidance.
  • Robust insights & reporting functionality to monitor student performance.
  • Messaging capabilities that allow teachers to notify students when remediation is needed.
  • Time-on-task tracking and reporting for funding verification, distance education requirements, & teacher intervention.
  • Student progress tracking & learning plan modification to meet each student’s changing needs.
  • Individualized evaluation of each student’s benchmarks correlated to their academic goals.
“…All of these features make them helpful in our workforce center, as well as in student services or the placement office.”
- Community College, FL
“Aztec courses are written at a level people can understand, but not so basic as to insult them. "
- Employee Counselor, DC
“We’ve tried other resources, but everyone keeps coming back to Aztec. I think because they’re so user-friendly.”
- State Department of Labor
“The staff really like Aztec instructional programs, as well as the clients. I hear such great feedback.”
- Family Support Program, NE
“Teaching materials are very well-done, reflecting diversity of race, gender, and age so everybody can connect with them.”
- Federal Agency Manager, DC