Customer Care Toll Free Support Line

At Aztec, providing best in class service and support to all our customers is paramount to the way we conduct business.

Aztec offers unparalleled customer implementation and technical support. During the initial stages of your program launch, our customer service and field service teams will assist you in defining your goals and ensuring a successful implementation. Our experienced team is available to support the growth and development of your programs with ongoing training and technical assistance.

Aztec’s experienced staff of specialists is available:

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST

Q & A

Q: Do I need to download any software or plugins to use Aztec?
A: No. Additional downloads are necessary to run the Aztec programs.
Q: I see a message that my browser is not supported or updated.
A: You may need to update or download any modern browser which supports HTML-5
Sample List of Supported Browsers Include: • Firefox 59.0.2 • Chrome 65.0. • Safari 11.1 • Opera 52.0. • Mobile Safari 11.1 • Android 8.0 and higher • Internet Explorer 11 or higher

You can Download some popular browsers here:

Internet Explorer – Firefox – Chrome –

Q: I cannot retrieve my password from the forgot password button.
A: Your email address may not have been properly formatted by the person who registered your information in the system. Please see the Administrator/Instructor who enrolled you in the system. He or she will be able to reset your password manually.
Q: Once logged in where do I go?
A: Once you are logged in to the system click the hyperlink (light blue text) that says “Class: xxxx Prep Solution” to open the next screen.
Q: My screen looks cut off and there is not a scroll bar for me to move the page up or down.
A: Your screen size probably needs to be adjusted to a smaller setting. To adjust, hold Ctrl button + minus button to adjust the screen size or click the minus symbol in the zoom setting.
Q: When I enter my username and/or password I receive a message: “Invalid username and/or password.”
A: A username and password are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as they were entered when your account was created.
You should contact your instructor/administrator to confirm the correct format of your username and password.
Q: I am logged in to the learning system, but I don’t have any classes.
A: Please contact your instructor/administrator and request that they Enroll you in a class(es).
Q: I submitted my essay; what happened to it?
A: All essays are submitted to the class instructor. The instructor is responsible for grading the essay and giving the student feedback. Once the essay is graded the student can see the feedback when he or she clicks on “click for details” next to the score percent.

Submitting Corrections

At Aztec Software, we take great care and perform multiple quality checks to ensure that every screen in each Aztec Series is perfect for your students to view. We’ve created tens of thousands of new screens and are constantly performing updates. In the event that you see something you believe to be in error, please help us by providing feedback. Please send the correction to

1. To submit corrections found in lessons...

  • Include the Series Name, Academic Subject, Unit Name, Lesson Name, and Screen Number.
  • Include notes identifying the error so that it can be accurately assessed and corrected.

2. To submit corrections found in a practice test, pre-test, post-test, or drill...

  • These questions are randomized. The question number alone will not be enough to identify where the error is located. We have created a screen identifier on the bottom left of each screen (shown below).
  • Include notes identifying the error so that it can be accurately assessed and corrected.

How to create a Screenshot...

  • Open the screen for which you need a screenshot (i.e., the lesson or testing screen on which you found an error). Make sure the error is visible.
  • Hold down Alt+Print Screen on the keyboard at the same time. This creates a copy of only the active window without copying anything else that may also be open on the desktop.
  • Open a blank Word document.
  • Paste the screenshot into the document (either click Ctrl+V or right-click on the blank document and select Paste from the menu).
  • Type any notes about the error below the screenshot.
  • Save the document, then close the document.
  • Attach the document to an email and send the correction to