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Aztec’s team of Academic Specialists host regular training sessions and webinars in English and Spanish designed to meet the needs of educators and administrators working in adult education and workforce preparation.


As a global leader in adult education and workforce preparation, Aztec takes pride in the wide variety of expertise across our organization. We have so much to share, from technology solutions to curriculum development and beyond.


We hope you find these professional development webinars and training sessions both useful and inspiring!

Communication Skills

February 26 (12:00 Pacific/3:00 Eastern)

Join this webinar to learn how communication skills impact personal and workplace interactions. The presentation will include not only active listening and speaking skills and other face-to-face interactions, but also strong communication skills that learners need to convey information to others effectively and efficiently. The focus of this webinar will include four types of communication: verbal, nonverbally, written, and visual presentations.

Bring Your 'A' Game

March 4 (12:00 Pacific/3:00 Eastern)

“Bring Your ‘A’ Game” from The Center for Work Ethic Development presents the seven foundational workplace skills through 10 interactive modules. Students can engage anytime and anywhere because Bring Your ‘A’ Game Anywhere is participant-focused and includes activities and knowledge checks to prepare for the Work Ethic Proficiency Exam.

ABE & GED® Instruction in Spanish

March 11 (12:00 Pacific/3:00 Eastern)

Aztec’s® Spanish Curriculum offers dynamic lessons, cultural insights, and interactive exercises, and ensures effective preparation for academic advancement. This webinar will review tools and instructional strategies to empower students with valuable academic skills for a global future.

Transitioning Students from ESL to ABE

March 18 (12:00 Pacific/3:00 Eastern)

Aztec’s® ESL Transitions series is designed to meet the needs of adult learners who are in the process of transitioning from an ESL program to an Adult Basic Education (ABE) program. Covering Reading, Language, and Mathematics, ESL Transitions provides adult learners with the scaffolded skills needed to make the transition from being an English Language Learner to a student in ABE academics.

CTE Healthcare Pathways Instructional Options

March 25 (12:00 Pacific/3:00 Eastern)

Certified medical positions are fast-growing career pathways across the country. This webinar will focus on a variety of instructional options for Clinical Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Billing and Coding, and Pharmacy Technician programs.